The Wisdom Project Podcast Episode #006: The Writing on the Wall

This week the Nunn Center launched the second season of the Wisdom Project podcast.  Episode #006 tells a story of oral history and archival discovery, linking Marshall Webb, a World War II veteran from Campbellsville, Kentucky, to the [...]

An Oral History of Bourbon Whiskey (the Library of Congress Subject Heading)

Controlled vocabularies are the blood coursing through the veins of professional cataloging and archival description.  The Library of Congress Subject Headings is the authority.   While staff were processing interviews from the Kentucky Bourbon Tales Oral History Project , the University of [...]

Digital Access: African American Farmers

The Nunn Center announces online digital access to the first interviews from our African American Farmers Project, a project conducted in 1991-1992.  This powerful oral history project features interviews documenting experiences of African American farmers and their [...]

Kentucky Derby Memories: Oral History with Jockey Eddie Arcaro

Eddie Arcaro: Courtesy Special Collections and Digital Programs, University of Kentucky Libraries The Nunn Center’s oral history interview with legendary jockey Eddie Arcaro is accessible online.  Arcaro is considered by many as the greatest jockey in [...]