Digital Access: African American Farmers

The Nunn Center announces online digital access to the first interviews from our African American Farmers Project, a project conducted in 1991-1992.  This powerful oral history project features interviews documenting experiences of African American farmers and their [...]

Nunn Center’s OHMS System Featured in Article

The Nunn Center’s OHMS system was recently featured in the article OHMS: Enhancing Access to Oral History For Free, by Doug Boyd appearing in Volume 40, Issue 1 of the Oral History Review.  Here is an abstract [...]

New Features for OHMS: Indexing Oral History

Beginning in 2012, the open source OHMS system has integrated an interview-indexing module.  Instead of relying solely on transcription, OHMS can now be utilized to create segment-level metadata that correlates to the corresponding moment in the [...]