Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Oral History ProjectThe Nunn Center has uploaded 87 oral history interviews from the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Oral History Project featuring individuals associated with the Peace Corps with connections to Kentucky. Interviewees served in the Peace Corps from its inception in 1961 to the present. Volunteers discuss their experiences before, during, and after Peace Corps including their motivations for joining, the application process, training, living situations, difficulties, the job, relationships, coming home, and their impact on the host country and on their own lives.  The online collection is accessible utilizing the  OHMS system connecting searchable text to the corresponding moment in the audio.  The online launch of the interviews corresponds with the publication of  Voices from the Peace Corps: Fifty Years of Kentucky Volunteers by Angene Wilson and Jack Wilson with a foreword by Christopher J. Dodd.  Published as part of University Press of Kentucky’s Kentucky Remembered: An Oral History Series, this book draws on powerful reflections from our collection.


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