Nunn Center Interviews Actor Steve Zahn About Supporting Veterans
By: admin - 11 November 2013 - 0 Comments

The Nunn Center has conducted numerous interviews over the years with veterans who fought in wars ranging from World War I, and World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, up to the present [...]

Senator Wendell Ford and Government Shutdown
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The latest episode of Saving Stories on WUKY features Nunn Center Director Doug Boyd talking to Alan Lytle about an oral history interview with Senator Wendell H. Ford featuring a frank discussion about political gridlock, [...]

Kentucky Bourbon Tales
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We can now officially announce Kentucky Bourbon Tales, a partnership with the Kentucky Distillers Association and Bourbon industry to document an industry that is so vital to Kentucky’s history and culture.  Read this story for more [...]

Supreme Court Justice Stanley Reed Oral History Project
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Today in 1788 (June 21)  the US Constitution was ratified. The Nunn Center  has very strong collections pertaining to government and public policy–including extensive oral history  collections with two Supreme Court Justices–Fred Vinson and [...]