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Senator Wendell Ford and Government Shutdown

The latest episode of Saving Stories on WUKY features Nunn Center Director Doug Boyd talking to Alan Lytle about an oral history interview with Senator Wendell H. Ford featuring a frank discussion about political gridlock, compromise and [...]

Saving Stories: Wisdom To Kentucky Legislators

The latest edition of Saving Stories on WUKY features one of the Nunn Center’s interviews with long-time Kentucky Legislator Senator Walter Baker.  In this episode, Senator Baker’s offers very interesting insights into a time in the [...]

Nunn Center Partnership with Hospice of the Bluegrass Featured on WUKY

The Nunn Center at the University of Kentucky Libraries has recently partnered with Hospice of the Bluegrass on REFLECTIONS, an initiative to use volunteers to conduct oral history interviews with patients under the care of Hospice [...]