Inductees discuss the role of community in addressing civil rights issues, from finding the community that helped them realize their role in the movement to creating the communities that kept the movement alive. The full list of clips relating to Community is accessible in the Appendix.

Delahanty discusses his work associated with the abolishment of the death penalty in Kentucky. He tells of how he worked


Delahanty talks about his time working with immigrants, especially with refugees, that are coming into the United States and his


Shaw discusses how she attempts to not editorialize during her broadcasts, but that it is impossible to completely separate journalism


Akins starts a Saturday academy at the Bracktown church for African American males. Roszalyn Akins is the First Lady of


Akins talks fondly about growing up in the housing projects. There she learned community, family and sharing. Roszalyn Akins is


Hamilton talks about “Urban Removal” and the effect it had on the black community in Louisville, specifically Walnut Street. Ed


Hamilton recalls getting involved in the civil rights movement through his art and art groups. Ed Hamilton is a sculptor


Mattie Jones persuades young black men to rethink a life of crime. Mattie Jones is a civil rights activist in