Inductees recall memories from the Jim Crow Era and point out that segregation persists to this day. The full list of clips relating to Life Under Segregation is accessible in the Appendix.

Neblett talks about the psychology of oppression and fear and how to overcome it. Charles Neblett is a civil rights


Davis says that being a black student at UK in the 1960s was not very pleasant. She describes what it


Watts recalls how lighter skin was judged to be more desireable within the black community itself. Beverly Watts is the


Georgia Powers discusses experiencing discrimination at a restaurant job and getting her driver’s license. Georgia Davis Powers was born in


Georgia Powers recalls an experience her father had with job discrimination. Georgia Davis Powers was born in Springfield, Kentucky in


John Johnson speaks about the assassination of Emmett Till and its effect on the civil rights movement. John Johnson was


Suzy Post remembers the disrepair of Louisville’s Central High School as on example of why desegregation of schools was vital.


Mattie Jones and her mother encounter discrimination at local dining establishments and stores. Mattie Jones is a civil rights activist