Delahanty discusses how his faith plays into him fighting for human rights as well as how the pope is using


Delahanty talks about some of the problems that exist still today that need to be worked on and dealt with.


Delahanty talks about his time working with immigrants, especially with refugees, that are coming into the United States and his


Delahanty discusses his role in getting the Lindsey Scott case appealed for a retrial. He talks about the key people


Delahanty discusses the process of getting a halfway house built in the neighborhood where his parish is located in Louisville,


Shaw talks about her hopes for Kentucky in terms of finding common values, combating poverty, and increasing representation of marginalized


Renee talks about her career at KET, her interest in public policy and the legislature. She talks about various aspects


Delahanty discusses his memories of the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy assassinations, as well as what actions he


Delahanty discusses his family’s work for justice. Father Patrick Delahanty is a priest and human rights advocate from Louisville, Kentucky.


Father Patrick Delahanty is a priest and human rights advocate from Louisville, Kentucky. Delahanty discusses his family’s work for justice


Owens talks about her law partner, Alberta Jones, being murdered. It is still an unsolved case. Darryl Owens is a


Wallace recalls the story of her grandmother in the Netherlands who harbored people being persecuted by the Nazis. Wallace summarizes


Wallace endows a chair in Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality at the University of Louisville in honor of black, lesbian,


Wallace discusses the national struggle for gay marriage but never forgets the intertwined issues of race in America. “We have


Wallace says war has everything to do with race. Carla Wallace is a Civil Rights Activist from Louisville, Kentucky. This


Wallace says we need to decide that everyone matters. And that this should be our agenda from which our policies


Wallace describes the group she helped start called Showing Up for Racial Justice. It is a network of white racial


Wallace discusses how homophobia was being used to divide people and the beginnings of the Fairness Campaign in Louisville. Carla


Wallace exclaims that it was easy for to her to become a social change activist: it was in her blood,


Wallace talks of her Dutch family who resisted the Nazis, how Anne Braden came to dinner, and begin her journey


Wallace describes her activism at Tufts University, Boston and then Louisville, connected with South African Divestment. Carla Wallace is a


Wallace is torn when she is faced with coming out as gay and wonders how this will affect her reputation


Wallace talks about her siblings, her family, the loss of her father and her civil rights family. Carla Wallace is


Wallace relays Mattie Jones’ comment that it is the same people opposing the fairness campaign who were wearing hoods opposing


Wallace connects racial justice and the environmental movement. Carla Wallace is a Civil Rights Activist from Louisville, Kentucky. This interview


Wallace reflects on the significance of the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame, how she felt about being inducted herself


Wallace reflects on life on the farm in Prospect, Kentucky. She remembers people calling her father names because of his


Neal reflects on urban renewal and its cost to black businesses and therefore its effect on generational wealth in the


Neal marvels about how exciting the sixties was. Nothing like it has happened since. You heard about change from everyone.


McMurry describes this case as the most important and most horrific of his life. The abuse case against the Sisters


McMurry takes on the abuse case against the Catholic Diocese of Louisville. He wins. But he doesn’t stop there, he


McMurry talks about a phone call with Morris Dees. William F. McMurry is a professional liability attorney practicing in Kentucky.


Georgia Powers talks about passing the Open House Law and the sacrifices that came with it. Georgia Davis Powers was


Peeples talks about continuing the struggle for social justice in Kentucky today. P.G. Peeples began his career at the Urban


Peeples talks about economic development opportunities and fair housing. P.G. Peeples began his career at the Urban League of Lexington


Suzy Post talks about inequities in Louisville between African Americans and whites. She goes on to discuss her work in


Suzy Post learns about racism at age 7 when her Mom washes her mouth out with soap. She quickly notices


Suzy Post recalls an interview and story with Courier Journal writer Dianne Aprile in which she says “injustice – it


Suzy Post recalls when the Cambodian bombings precipitated a plan for a New Years Day anti-war meeting at the Unitarian


Edgardo Mansilla dicusses differences in poverty in America versus other parts of the world and how being a Christian and


Edgardo Mansilla speaks about the lack of concern young people have regarding the current war versus the attitude of young


Edgardo Mansilla comments on U.S. presidents and social justice. Edgardo Mansilla was born in Argentina in 1953. He is the


Edgardo Mansilla discusses family, poverty and the services offered at The Americana Community Center. Edgardo Mansilla was born in Argentina