Delahanty discusses how his faith plays into him fighting for human rights as well as how the pope is using


Delahanty talks about some of the problems that exist still today that need to be worked on and dealt with.


Delahanty discusses his work associated with the abolishment of the death penalty in Kentucky. He tells of how he worked


Delahanty discusses the process of getting a halfway house built in the neighborhood where his parish is located in Louisville,


David Tandy is a Louisville Civic Leader. Tandy discusses how he met the councilman that preceded him in his position


Delahanty discusses his memories of the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy assassinations, as well as what actions he


Owens talks about fighting for felon’s voting rights. Darryl Owens is a Kentucky State Representative and a Civil Rights Lawyer.


Neblett talks about strategies to stay safe while protesting racial injustice. He also recounts a car chase with a policeman.


Neblett talks about Freedom Summer program in Mississippi to get voters to register. Charles Neblett is a civil rights activist


Neblett talks about fighting for voting rights and the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Charles Neblett is a civil rights activist


Neblett talks about the racial climate in Mississippi and how bad it was. He also talking about going there to


Anderson was in charge of Dr. King’s visit to Chicago. King spoke in 14 neighborhoods and led a march downtown.


Cunningham says that Kentucky is one of three or four states that bars felons from voting. This policy has had


Cunningham emphasizes the importance of voter registration, voter education, and providing rides to the polls. Other problems are economic development


Cunningham talks about how the Sit-in was a tactic that was used to demonstrate the need for public accommodation. Raoul


Georgia Powers talks about a civil rights demonstration in Wyandotte Park where rocks and cement were being thrown. Georgia Davis


Georgia Powers recalls being interested in power, not politics, and accepting the Chairman of Volunteers job. Georgia Davis Powers was


John Johnson discusses the increased rate of African Americans that are incarcerated and voter reinfranchisement. John Johnson was born in


John Johnson talks about having a KY Derby float recognizing black jockeys. John Johnson was born in Franklin, Kentucky and


John Johnson talks about the night that Medgar Evers was assassinated. John Johnson was born in Franklin, Kentucky and is


John Johnson talks about NAACP campaigns in Florida and South Carolina. John Johnson was born in Franklin, Kentucky and is


Mattie Jones talks about the importance of voting to aid social change. Mattie Jones is a civil rights activist in