Inductees recount their experiences working for women’s rights alongside civil rights and emphasize that feminism encompasses the equitable treatment of all human beings. The full list of clips relating to Women’s Rights/Feminism is accessible in the Appendix.

David Tandy is a Louisville Civic Leader. Tandy discusses his opinion about the role of women in the civil rights


Shaw talks about her hopes for Kentucky in terms of finding common values, combating poverty, and increasing representation of marginalized


In the Late Sixties-Early Seventies Dolores became active in Women’s Rights. Issues were Equal Pay, and Opportunity to run for


Suzy Post talks about being a feminist and defines feminism as her belief that all human beings have the right


Suzy Post felt that she was even more effective on the National ACLU board than on the Kentucky Civil Liberties


Mattie Jones talks about the importance of voting to aid social change. Mattie Jones is a civil rights activist in