Inductees recount their involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. The full list of clips relating to the Civil Rights Movement is accessible in the Appendix.

Shaw talks about her hopes for Kentucky in terms of finding common values, combating poverty, and increasing representation of marginalized


Neblett talks about the power of singing as a motivator and as an organizing tool. Charles Neblett is a civil


Wallace describes the group she helped start called Showing Up for Racial Justice. It is a network of white racial


McMurry recalls the Burris case in Livingston County, Kentucky about the 5-6 year old boy who was sent to jail


Cunningham talks about how the Sit-in was a tactic that was used to demonstrate the need for public accommodation. Raoul


Peeples talks about remembering those who made sacrifices for civil rights and continuing their struggle. P.G. Peeples began his career


Mattie Jones’ education on non-violence at The Highlander. Mattie Jones is a civil rights activist in Louisville, Kentucky. This interview


Mattie Jones comments on institutionalized racism today and the importance of educating children on the civil rights movement. Mattie Jones


The Civil Rights Movement has contributed to major change, but there is still more work to be done. Mattie Jones