Digital Access: African American Farmers

The Nunn Center announces online digital access to the first interviews from our African American Farmers Project, a project conducted in 1991-1992.  This powerful oral history project features interviews documenting experiences of African American farmers and their families in Kentucky.  We have, currently, uploaded the first 11 interviews from the project and we will be setting our sights on providing digital access to these interviews later on this year.

Featured Interview from this project: Interview with John Botts, December 14th, 1991

The African American Farmers Project  is our first project being uploaded in our OHMS system  from our Family Farms of Kentucky Oral History Collection  which contains 549 interviews on a wide range of topics.   Over the course of the next several months, we will be uploading numerous interviews and projects from this collection.   The interviews are now accessible in Explore UK, along with our other online oral history projects which utilize OHMS, our nationally recognized, cutting-edge system that links you from a search term in the transcript to the corresponding moment in the digital audio.  See here for more information about OHMS.