Nunn Center focuses on Digital Access to Public Policy Interivews

Earle C. Clements, Special Collections, University of Kentucky

Over the next 9 months,  the Nunn Center and the University of Kentucky Libraries have committed to processing and making publicly available over 300 interviews pertaining to politics and public policy.  Collections chosen as part of this initiative include the Earle C. Clements, Alben W. BarkleyA.B. “Happy” Chandler and the John Sherman Cooper oral history collections which contain a massive amount of information about politics and public policy in Kentucky as well as at the national level.  These rich oral history collections will be digitized, fully processed and, once completed, hosted online using the Nunn Center’s nationally renowned OHMS system.  Many of these oral history interviews were  conducted in the 1970s so I am very excited that these voices will be heard once more.  We will announce as these projects go online so stay tuned!