Sara Holroyd Awarded Honorary Doctorate

In 2016 the Nunn Center partnered with Room 17 Productions to launch the Sara Holroyd Oral History Project, and this weekend Sara Holroyd is being awarded an honorary doctorate by the Univeristy of Kentucky.

Sara Holroyd was a key member of the University of Kentucky’s Music Department, and later the School of Music. In her interview, she discusses the role of music as an instrument of healing and how she incorporated this element during her career as a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital. Holroyd also discusses the many students that have left an impression on her over the years and the impressions she hopes to have left on them. Throughout the interview, she acknowledges the challenges she faced in her life and career as a direct result of her gender. Nevertheless, Holroyd refused to allow this to stop her from pursuing her dreams in her career and personal life.

Congratulations to Sara Holroyd.  To learn more about her life and career, take a moment to watch one of her oral history interviews below.  To learn more, access the whole collection here.