The Wisdom Project Podcast Episode #006: The Writing on the Wall

This week the Nunn Center launched the second season of the Wisdom Project podcast.  Episode #006 tells a story of oral history and archival discovery, linking Marshall Webb, a World War II veteran from Campbellsville, Kentucky, to the small town of Tremensuoli, Italy.  Marshall Webb was interviewed in 1986 for the Nunn Center’s “Colonel Arthur L. Kelly World War II Veterans Oral History Project.”  While you may have heard versions of this story before, episode #006 brings together parts of the story that have not been discussed before.  This is an incredible story of discovery and connection, enjoy.

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Marshall Webb:

Opal Webb:

Roger Webb:

Marshall Webb’s papers and photographs (including his poetry) are available online via Explore UK.

View the original video story on YouTube:

View the stories published in Minturnet: Blogzine su Minturno e Frazioni (in Italian):

Tremensuoli entra negli annali della storia contemporanea del Kentucky: April 15, 2014

Una targa in onore del soldato americano a Tremensuoli: March, 2015 (This is the story that contains the picture of the plaque)

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