Delahanty discusses his work associated with the abolishment of the death penalty in Kentucky. He tells of how he worked


Shaw talks about her hopes for Kentucky in terms of finding common values, combating poverty, and increasing representation of marginalized


She talks about the loss of hope in poverty, which she calls poverty of spirit. She talks about the importance


Renee talks about her career at KET, her interest in public policy and the legislature. She talks about various aspects


Owens talks about being frightened by a policeman and avoiding walking by Saint X school. Darryl Owens is a Kentucky


Grundy talks about working at the Plymouth Settlement House, which served basic needs of the community while being structured around


Elliott recalls lynchings in the woods and the start of the movement. Rev. Dr. Charles Elliott Jr. was born in


Elliott recalls the boss-man telling his dad he needed to plow rather than going to school. They had 40 acres


Elliott recalls the one room schoolhouse with one teacher who taught through the sixth grade. Rev. Dr. Charles Elliott Jr.


Elliott remembers the two room house in the woods he grew up in. Rev. Dr. Charles Elliott Jr. was born


Neal discusses the need for government policies that encourage opportunities in the West End. He says we are at a


Watts says “we were poor folk, but we didn’t know that. My Mother made clothes for us, so we always


John Johnson talks about elected officials addressing poverty in Kentucky. John Johnson was born in Franklin, Kentucky and is the


Suzy Post talks about inequities in Louisville between African Americans and whites. She goes on to discuss her work in


Suzy Post recalls what it was like being born in the Depression, how terrified she was by World War II


Mattie Jones persuades young black men to rethink a life of crime. Mattie Jones is a civil rights activist in


Edgardo Mansilla speaks about the lack of services in the West End of Louisville (KY). Edgardo Mansilla was born in


Edgardo Mansilla comments on U.S. presidents and social justice. Edgardo Mansilla was born in Argentina in 1953. He is the


Edgardo Mansilla dicusses differences in poverty in America versus other parts of the world and how being a Christian and