Delahanty discusses how he wants people viewing the interview in the future to respond to what they’ve heard and what


Delahanty talks about some of the problems that exist still today that need to be worked on and dealt with.


Delahanty discusses his work associated with the abolishment of the death penalty in Kentucky. He tells of how he worked


Delahanty discusses his role in getting the Lindsey Scott case appealed for a retrial. He talks about the key people


Delahanty discusses the process of getting a halfway house built in the neighborhood where his parish is located in Louisville,


Wallace talks of the intersection of a myriad of civil rights issues with the common thread of race. Carla Wallace


Neblett talks about his muliple arrests. Charles Neblett is a civil rights activist and founding member of The Freedom Singers.


Wallace discusses the national struggle for gay marriage but never forgets the intertwined issues of race in America. “We have


Wallace talks about her siblings, her family, the loss of her father and her civil rights family. Carla Wallace is


Wallace reflects on Kentucky’s Human Rights situation. Carla Wallace is a Civil Rights Activist from Louisville, Kentucky. This interview took


Watts explains how her experience at SIU Carbondale was a culture shock. She became an activist advocate for racial justice


Cunningham says that Kentucky is one of three or four states that bars felons from voting. This policy has had


John Johnson discusses the increased rate of African Americans that are incarcerated and voter reinfranchisement. John Johnson was born in


John Johnson talks about the importance of strong black role models. John Johnson was born in Franklin, Kentucky and is


Peeples talks about education and how some of the brightest black men in society are in prison and the responsibility


Peeples talks about economic development opportunities and fair housing. P.G. Peeples began his career at the Urban League of Lexington


Suzy Post discusses the massive demonstrations in Louisville against Fair Housing and she proclaims her dismay that she was never


Suzy Post recalls an ACLU board meeting in the basement of Dr. Maurice Rabb’s house during Open Housing Campaign in


Mattie Jones persuades young black men to rethink a life of crime. Mattie Jones is a civil rights activist in


Mattie Jones recounts her experiences being arrested in numerous states across the South. Mattie Jones is a civil rights activist